Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hot and Cold 7/15

First a few updates from my last post. In response to all the scary baby madness, my good friends Julie and Asa sent my pictures of their little boy Braeden, and they did not frighten me. Though not every baby is a cute baby. Thankfully, theirs is.

Secondly, I have been challenge by one Brian Snell to venture to the multiplex for a full review of "Little Man". I responded by saying I would only subject myself to it with a free ticket, which I can use in two weeks. I still haven't decided. It may be the biggest challenge of my life.

But here's what's turning my knobs right now. The Hot and Cold.

HOT- The spicy chicken crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell. It's good to go.

COLD- This super annoying 'I'm a mac, I'm a PC' commercials. Usually I enjoy Justin Long, but he's such a pretentious snob in these ads I want to kick him in his tussled-haired head. "I'm gonna put some pictures on my computer." Yeah, because PC's can't do that, douchebag. I've got my own website. I don't have a Mac. Suck on that.

HOT- Still, my poker game. I'm playing in a tournament tomorrow where 150 people are going to qualify for the World Series in two weeks. So I might be one of those guys you see on TV winning a million dollars. But more likely, I'll be the guy watching those guys on TV winning a million dollars. A guy can dream can't he?

COLD- Movie lengths. Either they're too long like Pirates or Superman, or not long enough like X3. I mean, X3 could've been broken into two movies, but instead they gloosed over characters deaths so quickly and didn't fully flesh out the Phoenix. Damn Ratner. Or in Superman's case, it was slow and plodding. Or Pirates long action sequences that have no resolution or backstory stuff with characters you don't care about. Oh, and if anyone tells you stay through the credits, don't worry about it. The dog lives.

HOT- The World Series of Pop Culture. The new show on VH1 where teams of three answer questions like "What was the obstacle course at the end of American Gladiators called?" or "On what film did Julia Roberts meet her future husband?" Answers: The Eliminator and The Mexican. But as Hot as it is....

COLD- It sucks that I'M NOT ON IT!!! I'd kill it I swear. The only subject I may have trouble with is music. So when the 2nd version comes around, me and my brother need a music mind to join our team of three. We'd take that tournament down fo sho.

COLD- I'm watching Scary Movie 3 right now on TBS. Wow is it bad. Right now aliens are urinating out their fingers. HIL-ARIOUS. This movie makes millioins of dollars and his three sequels, but we can't get a 2nd installment of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle?? How about Harold and Kumar go to Jack in the Box? Or Krispy Kreme? Or Panda Express?? And make sure you bring back Freakshow. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

HOT- Preface: I am not gay. I may seem gay but what I am about to reveal, and even though I own more broadway albums than you may have even heard of, I am hetero. So here it is:


It's only one episode in, and I love it. I love the competitors. I love the challenges. I love it all. Vincent and his crazy hat. Talan and his fake british accent. Tim Gunn and his 'make it work'. I'm hooked. Thanks mom. This is the one show that you like that doesn't make me want to wretch. At least they're not redesigning another kitchen counter. Wow, it looks better than the trash we started with?? No kidding!



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