Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hot and Cold

Here's what's hot and cold on my radar right now.

HOT- The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. The 'rents saw it in Chicago Saturday. I'm jealous. They loved it. Spelling Bees in general are hot right now. National Spelling Bee gets primetime coverage on ABC. The Stanley Cup is somewhere on OLN. Go figure.

COLD- Those McDonalds commercials where the guy turns into a chicken. That's like a horror movie right there. "Coming to theaters this fall. You can't escape it. You need it to live. And then it will kill you. FOOD. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. This October, You are what you eat."

HOT- Jon Lovitz in those Subway commercials. I'm sorry. They're funny. "That stomach studied in London!"

COLD- Brazil. Losers in the World Cup. To France!? France? I know, the French can play soccer, but losing to France is like a double loss. Plus, no more closeups of Ronaldinho. Even though he looks like an alien from the movie Signs. Or Mr. Ed.

HOT- Entourage. Love. This. Show. Johnny Drama. Victory!!

COLD- The previews for My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I feel sorry for Uma Thurman. But any movie that's selling point is Luke Wilson saying 'I hear ya, homegirl" to Wanda Sykes, you know it has some script problems.

HOT- But Rainn Wilson is in it. aka Dwight from The Office. That guy is always funny. And, hey, he was on Entourage.

HOT- My Lingo game. I'm pretty sweet at guessing 5 letter words.

COLD- The inane banter between Chuck Woolery and the blond chick that presses buttons on that show. I mean, what does she do, really?? She's less necessary than Vanna White. What was the job interview like? Can you recognize letters and say their names? Yes? You're hired. And when her and Chuck try to conversate. Shudder.

HOT- My poker game. Just won $450 dollars last night.

COLD- Gabe Kaplan announcing Poker on TV. This guy hasn't been watchable since Battle of the Network Stars. I do believe that a blind, mute Filipino could do a better job doing color commentary on Poker than this guy. I never welcomed you back to public consciousness, Kaplan.



Blogger AsaJubus said...

HOT: Rob Weiner. This guy is "hip to" all the latest "lingo," what the "cool kids" are doing. He wins money playing poker and spends it on good looking prostitutes.

COLD: Adam Weiner. What does he know, anyway? Plus, he spends his money (that he earns at a silly job, not something cool like poker) on UGLY prostitutes.


Blogger Tom said...

Lingo might be the greatest game show to stumble upon when drunk. Ever.



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