Sunday, July 02, 2006

Monday Morning Sports Report

Just in case you're interested, the Major League Baseball game is coming up. And normally I wouldn't care. And I still don't care about the game. But the Tigers are good right now, they have the best record in baseball, and they only have 2 representatives in the All-Star Game. Toronto has 5. The Tigers have the best pitching staff in the majors. They have as many pitchers on the all-star roster as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. So if you visit, you can vote in Justin Verlander if you so choose. Tigers haven't gotten this much ink since Frosted Flakes hit the scene.
Does anyone else notice that the Tennesee Titans are getting ripped apart on TV these days. First, some douchebag is calling out Jeff Fisher in a commercial for NFL HEAD COACH. Yeah, they released Eddie George. Cause he averaged 2.6 yards per carry. Then, Kenny Chesney's boyfriend torches the Titans defense while leading the Colts to a meaningless TD to make it 35-3. He doesn't even need to read the coverage to beat the secondary.
And I know that Poker isn't a sport, but I'm playing well right now, and Daniel Negreanu has a nice video blog on Check it out if you know a flop from a set.

Speaking of sets. Wimbledon is going on. I don't really need to watch the matches. I just need to catch the fashion highlights. I mean, what is this girl wearing?? Is she auditioning for Olivia Newton John's "Let's get physical" video??

Give me a little Sharapova or Serena badonka donk.

I may have crossed the line.



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