Monday, July 30, 2007

Little Bites

OK, I'm not gonna write a big rigamaroll (that's a word) about not posting. Whoever reads this knows my commitment level to certain things. So instead of biting off more than I can chew. I'm gonna take little bites. Nibbles, if you will.


-While attending a brunch at my Stepbrother's wedding I noticed fathers throwing their kids around a pool and the kids loving it. I realized that if this was any other venue the dad would be under suspicion for child abuse. But at a pool with 40 people around it's fine. He's throwing the kids in the pool while they scream "No. Daddy, NOOO!!!!". He's slapping them around, splashing at them. Dunking them in the pool. And no one bats an eye. If he threw his kid into a wall he'd go to jail. Here, it's just another beautiful day.

Come to the Pool! Where you can beat your kid and no one will think twice. I can just imagine a father wanting to wail on his kid at home then restraining himself saying "You think you're so tough. I'm gonna take you swimming. Then we'll see if you want to finish your vegetables, you little brat!!"